Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet – An In-depth Review

Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

The best modular snowmobile helmet functions as an open-face and full-face helmet. You can use the modular helmet in an open-face configuration for those times when you want to communicate with others, hydrate, or enjoy the wind on your face. The full-face configuration is handy for days when the weather is bad and you want maximum protection. 

The best modular snowmobile helmet should have the relevant safety certification, be lightweight, and fit properly. The helmet should also have an excellent field of vision, be durable, and offer great ventilation.

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
backpac The 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet Item Weight : 4.2 pounds
Product Dimensions : ‎12.5 x 15 x 11 inches
Outer Material : ‎Polycarbonate (PC)
Special Features : Ventilation
Safety Rating : DOT Certified
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backpac The Ski-Doo BV2S Non-Electric Helmet Item Weight : ‎8 Pounds
Product Dimensions : ‎16 x 12 x 12 inches
Outer Material : ‎Polycarbonate
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cordlessblower The FXR Maverick Modular Snowmobile Helmet Item Weight : ‎ ‎5.4 Pounds
Product Dimensions : ‎18 x 16 x 12 inches
Outer Material : ‎Polymer
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cordlessblower The Typhoon Th158 Modular Snowmobile Helmet
Item Weight : ‎ ‎‎5 Pounds
Product Dimensions : ‎15 x 11 x 10 inches
Outer Material : ‎‎ABS
Safety Rating : DOT Certified
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cordlessblower The V-Star Modular Snowmobile Helmet
Product Dimensions : ‎14.5 x 11 x 11 inches
Outer Material : ‎‎ABS
Safety Rating : DOT Certified
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A Candid Review of Five of the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmets

The helmet industry currently has several excellent products on offer. However, some of the products are better than others. Below, we carefully look at the best products to consider if you love snowmobiling.

1. The 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet

The 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet
  • No wonder many snowmobiling enthusiasts consider it the best modular snowmobiling helmet.
  • You will love the 509 Delta R4 Ignite snowmobile helmet if you are into extreme winter sports. The helmet’s manufacturer champions safety, functionality, and comfort in the helmet’s design. The 509 Delta R4 has a lightweight carbon fiber shell that provides optimal impact resistance. You can also customize the helmet’s fit for your head shape and size.

What is your experience with this helmet? If you have used the 509 Delta R4 Ignite Snowmobile Helmet, would you consider buying it? Whatever your opinion is on helmet choice, you should consider the top features and your preferences while shopping for one.

Whichever helmet you buy, it should be safe, comfortable, and durable. Depending on your preferences, you can also consider additional features like wireless communication systems. Such a system will come in handy when you are snowmobiling as a family or with a group of friends.


  • It features a heated visor, so you don’t have to worry about fogging while snowmobiling.
  • It comes has an advanced ventilation system so you can use the helmet comfortably in its full-face configuration.
  • It meets both DOT and ECE certification standards
  • It offers superior fit through its dual-density EPS


  • The helmet is not as durable as it can be
  • The helmet is not fashionable enough

2. The Ski-Doo BV2S Non-Electric Helmet

The Ski-Doo BV2S Non-Electric Helmet
  • The Ski-Doo BV2S non-electric helmet is a small, black helmet with unparalleled comfort. The helmet features an advanced visor design and provides an excellent field of view. This is the helmet you should wear while enjoying winter sports in the great outdoors or in poor visibility, where you need a clear view of the environment. Moreover, caring for the Ski-Doo BV2S helmet is easy since its inner liner is removable and washable.

The Ski-Doo BV2S is available in both electric and non-electric versions. The electric modular helmet has a heating function to prevent fogging and improve visibility. Choose this version for those ultra-cold days when every breath you take seems to fog your helmet visor.

Despite some qualms about the helmet, remember it is safe, comfortable, and easy to use. For example, the helmet has a nose cup that fits different nose sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can use the helmet even if you feel your nose is not of a conventional shape.


  • The push button for releasing the jaw piece is conveniently located in the front of the helmet.
  • It has the DOT (Department of Transportation) safety certification.
  • It’s comfortable to wear for long periods
  • It has an innovative built-in breath box for optimal ventilation


  • The manufacturer could have made the installation for the rear battery easier.
  • The buckle’s receiver portion is unnecessarily difficult to release with gloved hands.

3. The FXR Maverick Modular Snowmobile Helmet

The FXR Maverick Modular Snowmobile Helmet
  • Many know the FXR Maverick modular snowmobile helmet as a high-performance helmet. However, any snowmobiling enthusiast can use this versatile headgear. The helmet features a lightweight but strong polymer alloy for its shell. The FXR Maverick helmet exceeds the DOT and ECE safety certification standards. The helmet’s aerodynamic design and seal technology lowers drag.

Consider this helmet if you are an experienced snowmobiler who frequently navigates different terrains and weather conditions. The protective features, ventilation, and visibility will help you navigate such snowmobiling environments.


  • Is easy to release and buckle 
  • Has a removable chin skirt system for improved ventilation
  • Has an accessible and easy-to-use release button for the chin bar
  • Has an integrated face shield that is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and filters UV (ultraviolet radiation)


  • The manufacturer should consider improving its heating system’s durability
  • The manufacturer should make the quick-release system more resistant to wear and tear

4. The Typhoon Th158 Modular Snowmobile Helmet

The Typhoon Th158 Modular Snowmobile Helmet
  • The Typhoon TH158 helmet is a hallmark of versatility and innovation. You will love this helmet if you are a snowmobiling enthusiast who loves going on winter adventures. The helmet features an innovative ventilation system that allows you to remain comfortable on long rides. The advanced ventilation system also prevents visor fogging to ensure you always have a clear view of the environment.
  • The durable outer shell, made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), and impact-absorbing padding ensures maximum impact absorption. The Typhoon TH158 modular snowmobile helmet even has the coveted DOT certification.

Some have mentioned that the modular full face snowmobile helmet doesn’t fit snugly and lets in air. However, that is more likely a problem of proper helmet sizing. Remember, you should not base your helmet size on previous helmets you have used. Rather, you should measure your head and use the manufacturer’s size chart for accurate fitting.


  • It has a dual visor system – one for the winter and the other for the summer.
  • It features a heated electric shield.
  • It has an easy-to-use shield release mechanism, so you don’t have to fight to wear or remove it.
  • It is aerodynamic and lightweight.


  • Almost nothing

5. The V-Star Modular Snowmobile Helmet

The V-Star Modular Snowmobile Helmet
  • The snowmobile helmet with electric heated shield is feature-rich and popular with snowmobilers who demand high performance and versatility from their gear.
  • The V-Star helmet has two outstanding features. One is the Bluetooth integration, which lets you stay in touch with fellow riders on the trails. Of course, you can also use the wireless communication system to stream music or navigation prompts.

The other top feature of the V-Star is the electric heated shield. This crucial feature keeps the face shield warm to prevent fogging. The absence of fogging means you can go snowmobiling even in cold and wet conditions, but you will still have a clear view of the environment. The heated face shield has an electrical cord connecting to your snowmobile’s 12V power supply.

However, the V-Star’s pros outweigh the cons. Take your time to choose the right design and size, and you won’t regret your purchase.


  • It is safe – it meets or exceeds the DOT and ECE safety standards. 
  • It is lightweight enough to protect you on those long trails.
  • It comes with adjustable ventilation ports to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • It is available in various colors and designs to suit riders with varied style preferences.


  • The V-Star helmet runs small
  • The helmet’s field of view is not as wide as it should be

How to Choose the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

How to Choose the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

From the above reviews, you can easily be overwhelmed when choosing a modular snowmobile helmet. Moreover, everyone you ask for a recommendation will likely mention a different helmet model. That is why the onus is on you to choose the best snowmobile helmet for your case. Here are some factors to consider when making the decision.

Bluetooth Features

Know the Bluetooth features of your helmet because wireless communication systems work differently. For example, some Bluetooth systems can connect to more devices or riders than others. Some feature the latest software versions, while others are relatively outdated. 

Do you want to listen to music? Do you want to make phone calls on the trial? In short, you need to know why you want a wireless communication system and choose a suitable helmet.

Heating Function 

Some snowmobile helmets have heating systems, while others lack them. Determine whether you need a heating system before buying a helmet. For example, you may need a heated helmet if you don’t want to deal with fog on the trail. Remember, fog can reduce visibility and increase accident risk. Heated helmets are also more comfortable than others.

Fit and Comfort

The best modular snowmobile helmet fits you properly and is comfortable. Your helmet will only protect you to the maximum if it fits you properly. An undersized or oversized helmet might not protect some parts of your head. The helmet might even bother you and affect your field of view.

When it comes to comfort, no one wants to ride with a helmet that causes pressure points on some parts of their head. That is why you should ensure your helmet has good liners, padding, and chinstraps. That way, you can adjust the helmet for an optimal fit.


The helmet protects you by absorbing and deflecting impact forces in an accident. The more forces the helmet can absorb and deflect, the more it can protect you from head injuries. Therefore, you should choose a safe helmet, which you can know by confirming relevant safety certification standards.

Modular Functionality 

Lastly, whether you want a snowmobile or modular motorcycle helmet, you must ensure the modular works conveniently. You should not have to struggle to switch the modular helmet between full-face and open-face configurations. 

Say you are taking a break on the trail and enjoying some fresh air. You should flip up the helmet, enjoy the air, and flip it down again to continue your ride without struggling with the operations. The modular mechanism should also be durable enough to last years without damage.


As you can see, the ideal modular snowmobile helmet for you is not necessarily the best one for another person. This claim makes sense if you consider that these helmets have different features. Furthermore, everyone prioritizes different features when shopping for a helmet. Therefore, the onus is on you to define what makes the best helmet.

However, you should not go about this process blindly. Professional helmet reviewers and experienced snowmobilers have a wealth of information when it comes to modular helmets. Consider online forums and review websites when hunting for your next helmet. While doing all these, don’t forget to check safety certification since the primary role of a helmet is to keep you safe from head injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet

Modular Bluetooth helmets have numerous advantages, but many riders still have questions about them. Below are some of the top questions people have about these helmets.

How Much Is a Modular Snowmobile Helmet?

Good helmets can be pricey, so it’s understandable that this is a common question. A good modular snowmobile helmet will cost you hundreds of dollars. The exact price depends on the helmet’s size, material, brand, and reputation. High-quality helmets cost more than others.

How Does Bluetooth Help in a Helmet?

The Bluetooth communication system comes in handy every time you want to stream audio to your ears. The Bluetooth ensures you can maintain your grip on the handlebars while communicating. For example, you can use the system to communicate with other members of your family while snowmobiling as a group.

How Do I Size a Snowmobile Modular Helmet? 

Sizing your snowmobile helmet requires you to measure your head and use the manufacturer’s size chart. Measure your head’s circumference just above the eyebrows for accuracy.

Are Modular Snowmobile Helmets Heated?

Some snowmobile helmets have heating functions while others do not. The heating function is handy in freezing weather – it provides warmth and comfort.

Can I Use a Snowmobile Helmet for Other Activities?

Generally, it’s good to use a helmet for its intended purpose. However, some people use snowmobile helmets for snowboarding or motorcycling. Check activity compatibility with the manufacturer before using a snowmobile helmet for another purpose.