Shane Clark | CEO & Founder at Helmetgurus

Shane Clark

Shane Clark, our Editor-in-Chief at Helmet Gurus, brings a wealth of experience from his diverse career as a research and development staff, photographer, and avid sports enthusiast.

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Before joining Helmet Gurus, Shane honed his skills as a research and development staff member at several renowned helmet manufacturing facilities. During the initial five years of his career, he was deeply involved in the design process of traditional helmets, including modular and full-face helmets. This role allowed him to gain valuable experience in analyzing and validating helmet designs, which are crucial for attracting customers and driving revenue.

In his late twenties, Shane transitioned to the role of Chief Marketing Officer, a position he held for over a decade. Throughout this period, he reviewed and promoted numerous helmet models that became significant successes for his company. His collaborative efforts with the design team led to innovative ideas in both design and marketing, and his insights were invaluable.

Now, as the Editor-in-Chief of Helmet Gurus, Shane oversees the development and creation of content across all platforms, including web, video, and social media channels. His articles cover a wide range of topics, from home helmet care to recommendations on the best helmets available. As an outdoor and racing enthusiast, Shane is eager to share tips on how to prepare for racing trips safely and select the right helmet for your needs.

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