Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet: The Convenient Helmet for Every Motorcycle


The best modular motorcycle helmet allows you to flip up the face shield, talk to a friend, or gulp some drink without removing the entire helmet.

Some people ride to work on their scooters, motorcycles, or mopeds. Imagine the discomfort of having to take off the helmet daily at the check-off point at the gate. But when you have a flip-up helmet you can get over such an act by flipping up the windshield to reveal your identity.When you need to say hi to a friend or gulp some water before proceeding with your ride modular motorcycle helmets make it simple and quick. 

Our Top Picks

Image Product Details   Price
iml902 ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular Helmet Model 902BT/902BT PRO Brand: ILM
Targeted group: touring, adventure, cruiser, and street bike
Shell: ABS material
Weight: 5.56lbs
DOT certified quality
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Senaoutrush Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Intercom System Brand: Sena
Weight: 3.8lbs
Shell material: Polycarbonate ABS
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LS2Helmets LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helm Brand: LS2
Weight: 6lbs
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hjc90i HJC Helmets-1612-265 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up i90 Modular Helmet Brand: HJC
Weight: 4lbs
Shell material: polycarbonate composite
DOT and ECE-approved quality
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ShoeiNeotec Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet Brand: Shoei
DOT certified quality
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Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Comb through the review to find the top-rated modular helmet to pair with your motorbike: 

1. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular Helmet Model 902BT/902BT PRO

  • Besides protection, the best modular helmets offer easy communication and entertainment through the Bluetooth system. Further, it employs noise-cancellation microphones to minimize wind noise interference. 
  • The ILM modular helmet has an intercom that pairs up to 3 people and reaches a maximum of 500 meters. When you recharge the battery, it supports 12 hours of phone talk. Thus, you and your rider won’t feel bored over long-distance rides.

Its entire shell features a protective and reliable ABS material. And on the inside the ILM flip-up helmet has a soft and removable liner. When it gets dirty the liner becomes easy to wash. On the front, there are dual visors for day and dim light rides. The lenses hang on a hinge therefore making them easy to change or flip up. At the press of a button the chin strap releases. As you ride your scooter in the cold, the chin curtain insulates you from the cold and wind. Note that the ILM intercom is only compatible with the ILM 953 and ILM 902 Bluetooth helmets.


  • DOT approved quality
  • Removable liner and visor for easy replacement
  • Easy communication through Bluetooth
  • Easy to release chin strap


  • Single button for controlling volume
  • The speaker system lacks thumping bass

2. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Intercom System

  • The Sena headgear has a design that combines style and functionality. The DOT-approved helmet taps on a polycarbonate ABS shell and a retractable visor. When on the road, you don’t have to remove the helmet to talk to your rider or passerby. Instead, its 2-way crystal clear intercom comes to your aid. 
  • Underneath the ABS material is the multi-density EPS liner. So, when you fall from your scooter, motorcycle, or moped the EPS disperses the energy and keeps you safe. As a premium modular helmet, Sena uses an advanced noise cancelation technique to keep the outside sound at a minimum. 

When riding your motorcycle in warm weather, the three-way ventilation on the helmet keeps you cool and comfortable. Besides keeping you entertained, the Bluetooth enables you to hear GPS navigation prompts. The Sena Outrush motorcycle modular helmets have dial-operated controls. Fortunately, the dials are glove-compatible, so you won’t have to remove gloves to turn the volume up or down. After charging, its battery promises 15 hours of talk time.


  • Glove compatible dials
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Simple to use
  • It allows for unrestricted view of the road
  • Ultra clear sound


  • Noise becomes noticeably loud at high speeds

3. LS2 Helmets Valiant II Modular Helmet

  • Switching between shields in some helmets is demanding. Not so in the LS2 modular helmet with sun visor. Switching between its visors is smooth, thanks to the cable-operated mechanism. When the road condition demands that you switch between the clear and smoked shield, it becomes effortless. 
  • Unlike other flip-up helmets, LS2 has a slim chin that flips 180 degrees to the rear. Even after flipping it back, the chin bar still rests on the shell and maintains an aerodynamic shape. So, LS2 helmets valiant modular motorcycle helmet has the benefits of an open and full-face helmet. 

The manufacturer uses proprietary kinetic polymer on the shell. That makes the LS2 helmet strong, flexible, and not overweight. When sweat has accumulated on the thermo foam padding material you remove and clean it easily. 

Do you know it comes with a pin-lock-ready visor, pin-lock inserts, and a beautiful backpack? By complying with DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, LS2 gives you a helmet that meets the industry’s safety standards. Therefore, whether you are driving your scooter, moped, or bike to work you can count on the headgear for protection.


  • Feels very comfortable
  • Adequate viewing area
  • Simple and reliable visor release mechanism
  • Pinlock ready visor


  • The LS2 helmet is moderately heavy

4. HJC Helmets-1612-265 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up i90 Modular Helmet

4. HJC Helmets-1612-265 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up i90 Modular Helmet

  • At a glance, the HJC helmet presents an admirable aerodynamic shape, design, and color. The lightweight flip-up helmet integrates an advanced channeling ventilation system. Further, its interior liner is of a super cool material. 

So, as you race in the street, the ventilation and moisture-wicking liner keep you comfortable. And since it has antibacterial and quick drying ability, the absorbent liner promotes a fresh smell in the helmet. The HJC Helmets modular helmet is simple to operate. That’s because of the one-touch lock/closing mechanism and easy-to-adjust face shield. Although the HJC modular helmet has no built-in speakers, it has pockets for installing speakers and Bluetooth communication devices. Therefore, you won’t get bored while riding a scooter or moped. Its sun shielding mechanism is retractable in three different positions. That makes it possible to adjust it to reflect varying sun positions and enjoy a comfortable ride.


  • It meets the DOT and ECE standards
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • One-touch lock or closing mechanism
  • Enhanced ventilation system


  • HJC has only provisions for adding speakers and Bluetooth communicating device

5. Shoei Neotec II Modular Helmet

  • When you need a high-quality modular helmet that prioritizes safety and comfort, try the Shoei Neotec II. Unlike the previous version, it features expanded intake vents and strategically positioned air outlets. Hence it delivers an optimal cooling system for extra comfortable rides. 
  • Besides, Shoei uses a streamlined shape and chin bar aero deflector lip. Also, it has improved sealing for air, water, and unwanted noise. All those add to its ability to deliver a comfy ride. The Shoei flip-up helmet has two in one design. That means it easily converts from open-face to full-face helmets. 

And to switch between the two you use the glove-compatible large lock release button. The pivot locking system is of durable stainless steel material. So, it allows the chin bar to rotate easily. From the package, the helmet is SENA SRL/SRL2 intercom-ready. When you incorporate that, communicating with other motorbike and moped riders is trouble-free. 

Once you put on the helmet its internal sun shield protects you from the glaring sun and its dangerous UV rays. Operating the sun shield is straightforward from the large switch on the side.


  • Enhanced ventilation system
  • Superior water and noise sealing ability
  • DOT certified quality
  • Combines safety, and comfort and doesn’t induce pressure points


  • High price tag
  • Moderately heavy

Important factors when buying a modular motorcycle helmet


Safety standards

Buy only the flip-up welding helmets that are CSA and ANSI-certified. Such hoods have verified quality standards.

Protection and lens shade

Your safety comes first. Invest in a helmet that’s made of reliable material to protect your head. Also, check on the lens shade and ensure it has the right degree of shading.

Auto darkening feature

An auto-darkening feature self-adjusts the lens shade as the light intensity varies.

Comfort and fit

Buy only the headgear that doesn’t feel overly tight or wobble on your head. Also, it shouldn’t offer uncomfortable pressure points on your head.

Viewing area

Make sure that it gives you enough space to view your weld or road without straining.

Sensitivity and Delay settings

Verify that it has very sensitive sensors and that you can adjust the delay settings to suit your job requirements.

Durability and construction

The overall build of the helmet should reflect sturdy construction. Also, the flip-up mechanism should be reliable and of the right material.


Know how much you are willing to invest in a helmet. After that, shop around varying brands for the best catch.

Additional features

Other factors that influence your choice include personal preference, reputable brands, and simplicity of use.

How to Choose the Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet


You need to know the critical features that contribute to the best modular motorcycle helmet. Otherwise, you may end up buying a bike that doesn’t offer you the best service while on the street or at work. A flip-up motorcycle helmet should make it easy to flip up the chin bar to gulp some water.  

For those reasons, here are the top factors that will help answer the question of what is the best modular helmet to own:


Don’t wait for an accident to occur to know if your helmet is of high or low quality. Instead, settle for only flip-up helmets that have DOT or ECE certifications. Such headgear has undergone and passed rigorous testing processes.


Besides certifications, a helmet should feel comfortable to wear. If it has pressure points or feels very heavy, it becomes almost impossible to wear for a long period. At the same time, a soft and skin-friendly liner material is very necessary.

Appropriate shape and fit

The shape and size of your head should influence you when buying the right flip-up helmet. It helps you decide on settling for a long, round, or intermediate oval helmet. The right-fitting helmet neither feels extra tight or loose.

Construction and design

The chief aim of wearing a helmet is to protect your head in case of an impact. Therefore, settle for the model that has sturdy shell material and adequate shock-absorbing material. And talking of construction, it should tick the following;

Lightweight but strong, such as having a carbon fiber shell

Reliable shock-absorbing material, for example, expanded polystyrene, EPS, or polycarbonate material

Dependable locking/unlocking mechanism- should be easy to operate with one hand and gloves

An aerodynamic shape and noise reduction ability

Removable liner

An accumulation of sweat produces an offensive smell. Therefore, settle for the best modular helmet that has a removable liner. At best, the moisture-wicking liner should have antibacterial properties.

Adequate ventilation

Proper aeration is a prime factor you must not ignore. You need sizeable inlet and outlet vents at strategic places to feel a free flow of air.

Other factors

Other factors to consider include;


Bluetooth and intercom communication system

A visor that shields off dangerous sun rays


When taking off your helmet during a short stop makes you uncomfortable, consider investing in the best modular helmet on the market and regularly update our HelmetGurus website with useful news. there are many unreliable brands in the market. That’s why we have narrowed down the list to a few verified flip-up helmets.

Instead of shouting at the attendant at the gas station, a modular helmet makes communication easier. The list includes premium and even flip-up helmets for the budget.

Why should you remove your helmet at every brief stopover? Wearing on and off the usual helmet is often irritating. A modular helmet is all you need. So, have you made up your mind?

FAQs – Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Modular Motorcycle Helmet

What’s the main point of having a modular helmet?

The main point of a modular helmet centers around the flip-up ability. It allows you to move the chin guard backward. By moving the flip-up chin the best modular helmets widen your view or give you better space to sip a drink or talk to a passerby who has no intercom.

How does a modular helmet differ from the usual helmet?

A modular helmet differs from the standard helmet in two ways: flip-up mechanism and weight. The flip-up chin guard and the related mechanism in a modular helmet add to its overall weight. Thus, a flip-up helmet feels slightly heavier than ordinary helmets

Can you ride a modular helmet shield flipped up?

Technically it’s possible to ride a scooter with a modular helmet in the flip-up position. But doing so doesn’t protect your face in case of an accident. Further with the shield flipped up the helmet experiences more drag and thus is not comfortable.

Which one is better: full-face or modular helmet?

A modular helmet is equally safe as a full-face helmet. The only difference is that a flip-up can change from a full-face to open open-face design.

How should a modular helmet fit over your head?

Like all other designs, a modular helmet should offer a snug fit over your head. It should therefore not feel very tight or loose as to wobble. At the same time, a snug fit means even comfortable pressure all over the head.