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Darrin Barton

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Darrin Barton, boasting over a decade of experience in the marketing business is a marketer and content writer who lives in California. Over the years, He has worked with many international organizations gaining deep insight into consumer behavior and discovering how to engage with customers through great contents and campaigns.

Leading our editorial team at Helmet Gurus, Darrin is an invaluable resource for us. He is one of our best authors since he is well informed about the most recent tendencies in the customer market as well as contemporary technologies. This allows him to provide first class materials related to helmets.

Besides being one of our writers, Darrin also serves in the capacity of an editor. As such, He thoroughly examines works forwarded by freelance writers so that each article adheres to high levels of quality.

Outside him professional life at Helmet Gurus, Darrin loves spending time with Him family and friends. In those moments alone with herself He can often be found engrossed reading self-help books while sipping coffee.

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