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Aaron’s foray into the world of motorcycles began with a fascination in engineering and love for motorcycles. A fascination with how cars run, as well as his desire to ensure safety on the highway caused him to specialize on helmet design and manufacture. Over time, he has engaged himself in mastering the intricacies of helmet construction and constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in terms of safety, comfort and style.

As an authority in helmet design, Aaron has played a central role in crafting standards and practices that govern it. His deep knowledge of aerodynamics, materials science and impact protection has enabled him to come up with helmets that meet not only but go beyond safety regulations. By guaranteeing quality and innovation he has garnered respect from his peers.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Aaron is also a committed campaigner for road safety awareness vis-à-vis automobiles. He believes that educating drivers and taking proactive measures are crucial to reducing accidents on roads thereby saving lives. Through Helmet Gurus, Aaron aims to educate consumers about how vital it is they select appropriate helmets and keep updated about advances made in safety.

Aaron is also an enthusiastic sports fan and outdoor enthusiast outside his professional pursuits. Whether cycling through mountain trails or skiing down slopes with sky boards, he finds solace –and inspiration-in nature. Not only does sport inspire him; it also helps him remember why protective gear (helmets especially) are necessary if any injuries are to be prevented.

Currently serving as an esteemed member of Helmet Gurus’ editorial board, Aaron contributes valuable insights, comments and analyses on all things related to helmet design, technology, safety etc. Through these contributions he hopes that by so doing people can appreciate the need of wearing helmets and make wise product choices when purchasing them for personal use

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