How to Measure Head for Helmet


Knowing how to measure head for helmet is a vital step towards securing safety. Unfortunately, the shape and size of our heads differ from person to person. Helmets too differ in shapes and sizes. That’s why you must know how to measure head size for helmet. 

The post therefore gives you step-by-step instructions on how to go about the process. Also, it highlights the test you can perform to test the fit of the protective headgear before making a purchase.

Importance of Wearing a Perfectly Fitting Helmet

A helmet of the right fit secures you with maximum protection in case of an impact. However, when the helmet is extremely loose it’s likely to rotate and block your view. 

Further in the event of an impact the loose-fitting helmet may come off suddenly and thus not play its protective role. 

On the other hand, very tight motorcycle helmets induce discomfort, hinder the smooth flow of blood, or even cause headaches. So, to avoid all those inconveniences, know how to measure head circumference for helmet to fit perfectly.

Steps on How to Measure Head for Helmet

Besides knowing how to measure head for a bike helmet, you must have the right tools and follow the correct steps.

Step One: Choose the Helmet of the Right Shape that Blends with your Head

Take note of the shape of your head and then choose the helmet shape that resonates with it. Not everyone’s head has a perfect round shape.

Helmets generally fall into three shape categories:

Round oval: The helmet has its side-to-side and front-to-back measurements identical. 

Long oval helmet: its front-to-back measurement is slightly longer than the side-to-side dimension.

Intermediate oval helmet: one of the widespread helmet-shape and has the width less than the length from front to back.

Step Two: Wrap the Measuring Tape Around Your Head


The next step on how to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet is wrapping the measuring tape around your head. A measuring tape is ideal for two reasons:

  • It’s flexible and thus takes the shape of your head
  • It doesn’t stretch like a rubber band

Position the measuring tape to go around the widest portion of your head. In most cases that falls about an inch up the eyebrows. 

At the same time ensure that the tape remains parallel to the ground. If you find it hard to achieve those two conditions by yourself, seek the assistance of your friend. 

Step Three: Take Note of the Measurement

Before taking the measurement ensure you hold the tape correctly and that it doesn’t move about on your head. Identify the area where the tape overlaps to form a full circle over your head. Note down the measurement on that part.

Step Four: Shopping for the Right Helmet

The noted head circumference measure should guide you in picking the right helmet. Remember helmet size differs from company to company. Shop around and take note of what different brands offer on their size charts. If possible, try on the helmets till you get the snug fitting size. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Learning How to Measure Your Head for a Motorcycle Helmet

It’s vital to know the correct way to measure head size for a helmet. Specifically, keep off the following mistakes:

Overtightening the Tape Measure

Do not over-tighten the tape measure around your head. Otherwise, it will give you a false circumference of your head. Instead, ensure the measuring tape makes a snug and comfortable fit around your head. 

Using an Inappropriate Measuring tool

Ensure you secure the right measuring tape. It should be flexible to go around your head and have clear graduation marks. 

Note your Hair Thickness

When measuring the head to fit a bike helmet, take note of the thickness of your hair. Let the measuring tape go around your head. That way it will simulate how a helmet fits over your head. 

How to Achieve a Snug-Fitting Helmet

Knowing how to measure head circumference for helmet isn’t enough. Below are additional steps that can help you secure the comfortable and snug-fitting helmet:

Sample Different Helmet Models

After knowing your head circumference, use the measurement to sample helmets from various brands. Try them on to know the particular helmet that gives you the most comfortable fit over your head.

Adjust the Straps

Put on the helmet that you want to try out and ensure it sits level over your head. After that adjust the straps such that they aren’t overly tight or very loose. 

Get Additional Padding if Necessary

If the helmet has a slightly loose fit over your head, invest in additional padding. Fortunately, many helmets employ removable padding. Also, an additional padding allows you to wash one when it gets dirty. 

Consult a Professional

If you are still in doubt about the fit of the bike helmet, then consult a professional. For instance, you can visit the local store outlet and get help on how to measure head for helmet. 

How Do You Know that you have the Right-Fitting Motorcycle Helmet?


Head Size Measurement Chart for Helmets

You have learned how to measure head for a motorcycle helmet, choosing one, and adjusting its fit. Carryout the following tests to confirm that you have chosen the correctly fitting helmet:

Squeeze Test

Padding on a helmet cushions you against hard impacts. The cushioning material however has to fit snugly such that it leaves no space between the padding and your head. 

Rock and Twist Test

Wear the helmet and adjust the straps. Try the rock and twist test by pushing it from back to front. Alternatively, try shaking your head. If it moves excessively or changes its position to block your view, then it is ill-fitting. 

Wear it for About 30 Minutes

Put on the helmet and leave it on your head for approximately 30 minutes. If it feels so uncomfortable to the extent that you feel like removing it to relieve some pain, then the helmet isn’t the right size for your head. 

So, what’s the Right Way to Measure Head for the Helmet? 

Knowing how to measure your head for a helmet isn’t difficult. Choose the right tape measure, position the tape slightly above your ear, and take the reading. Visit the helmet store and use the measurement as a guide when choosing the proper fitting headgear.

Try wearing different helmet brands while still at the store. Carry out the tests highlighted in the post to conform to the snug fit of the helmet. But if you don’t know how to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet, get a professional at the store to help you.