How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Visor: Everything You Should Know

How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Visor

You should know how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor if you own a bike. Otherwise, you might be forced to ride with a dirty visor, which is dangerous on several levels. Luckily, everyone can master cleaning helmets with a little practice. 

Your face shield is dirty. Although you wish to clean it, there is the fear of causing more harm such as introducing scratches to the visor. Further you aren’t sure of the right detergent to use and procedure to follow.

Steps for Cleaning Helmet Visors

A helmet visor will always get dirty.  Cleaning the visor the right way improves your visibility and prolongs the equipment’s lifespan. 

And messing in the process is costly. It introduces more scratches, damages the shield, and sends you to the shop.

Use the Right Visor-Cleaning Materials

Before beginning the motorcycle helmet visor cleaning process, know they cost a significant amount of money. A quality shield may cost up to a hundred dollars. Unless  you want to settle for a cheap tinted plastic. 

When you spot a bug or stain on the shield, don’t wipe it off with your hands or glove. Doing so may leave behind a scratch. Instead, employ the right cleaner and materials. 

It’s wise to wet the surface first. Don’t use any cleaning chemicals you find around. It’s best to use professional visor cleaner, standard glass cleaner, or mild dish soap. Stay away from oil-based sprays and cleaners as they leave behind greasy residue. 

Alcohol-based cleaners are ideal because they evaporate fast. Other professionals recommend eucalyptus oil as it removes germs, and stains, and dries quickly. It will also freshen the interior of the helmet. 

Microfiber works best for clearing stains or marks. Keep off Stiff rags and paper towels as they may scratch the surface.

For extra stubborn stains, soaking the visor in a solution of cleaner and hot water helps. And don’t apply excessive force on the shield. But if the stain and scratches prove permanent, replace the shield.

Follow the Correct Visor Cleaning Steps.

Stick to the steps below for best result:

Step One

If possible, remove the padding and rest the helmet on a towel close to a clean empty sink. Detach any removable electronics. And bring your cleaning items within your reach. Then put on rubber gloves and soak the microfiber in hot water from the tap. 

Step Two

Drap the wet microfiber cloth over the entire visor for 3 to 5 minutes.  Soaking helps loosen stuck debris and bugs. If the cloth threatens to slip down, tilt the helmet for better stability. 

Better submerge extra dirty visors in a solution of cleaner and warm water. But first, consult your manual if your shield has an anti fog feature to withstand the soapy solution. After that remove the microfiber cloth from the helmet.

Step Three

Pick another clean towel, squirt a little cleaner on it, and wet it with water. Then rub the wet cloth onto the visor gently to remove lingering stains and take it aside. Pick a clean cloth soaked in warm water and rub it gently on the motorcycle face shield in a back-and-forth pattern till the bubbles clear. Do likewise to the underside of the visor. 

Step Four

Finally, remove the visor if possible and rinse in soft running water. Otherwise, dry the shield using a clean microfibre cloth. Place the shield at a tilted angle (not lying flat) on a cloth to dry for about 2 hours.

How to Maintain Clean and Scratch-Free Motorcycle Visors

How to Maintain Clean and Scratch-Free Motorcycle Visors

A motorcycle helmet face shield is delicate but vital. Thus you need to ensure it remains clean and scratch free. Here are a few tips to accomplish that:

Use clean Water Free From Silt and Mud for Cleaning

Any time you wish to clean the visor, ensure you choose the mud and silt free clean water. Foreign particles such as silt and sand if present in the cleaning water or cloth are certain to cause scratches on the shield. 

Exercise Gentleness When Cleaning the Face Shield

Besides using clean water, exercise gentless during cleaning moments. Retrain from exerting excessive force on the microfiber cloth in an attempt to clear stubborn stains. Instead cover the stubborn stain with wet microfiber cloth for some minutes. 

Use the Right Cleaning Solution and Material

Some chemicals and cleaning solutions aren’t friendly to the face shield. So pick the right cleaning solution such as baby shampoo that won’t cause corrosion. 

In addition, pick on an appropriate cleaning material. That is a soft and lint free cloth such as microfiber cloth. When the visor has lots of dead bugs stuck on it, don’t employ excessive force. Soak the insects using a soft wet cotton. 

Cleaning a helmet face shield may seem simple. But it’s easy to mess up the  appearance or visibility of the visor during the cleaning process. Therefore, follow the right procedure and use the recommended  detergent. 

Whenever Possible, Keep the Helmet Visor from Developing Stains and Cracks

Always strive to prevent the visor from getting dirty. As you clear the stuck bugs and dirt, it’s easy to scratch the surface. 

Therefore, ride at a safe distance from other motorcycles, cars, and trucks. As they move, they send rocks, dirt, and other objects flying. When the objects hit your shield, it may crack. 

After a ride, keep the helmet away from the kids’ reach. Lock it in a safe place. As they play with the visor, they may smudge sweat or oil on it and impair your visibility. Still, don’t hang your helmet on the bike handlebar. If it drops, the motorcycle visor facing down will crack and call for a replacement.

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