How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Visor: Everything You Should Know


You should know how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor if you own a bike. Otherwise, you might be forced to ride with a dirty visor, which is dangerous on several levels. Luckily, everyone can master cleaning helmets with a little practice.

Why and How Visors Get Dirty

Helmet visors get dirty for various reasons. Below are the common culprits.

Flying Insects

The helmet visor protects your eyes from flying insects. However, the insects often end up sticking to the visor. The more you ride, the more likely insects will fly into your helmet and stick to the face shield.

Road Grime

The road surface at any time has lots of debris like dust, oil spills, and dust. Your motorcycle, other road users, and wind disturb the debris. Some of the debris ends up on your visor.

Body Oil and Sweat

Bio-debris from your body can also pollute the visor. For example, many people sweat when riding – riding gear contributes to the sweating. Your body also loses dead skin, hair, and body oil. Some of these things end up on the visor.

Fingerprint Smudges

You touch your helmet visor a lot. You touch the visor when putting it on, removing it, or carrying the helmet. You leave fingerprint smudges on the visor every time you touch it. The smudges are enough to get the visor dirty after some time.

Weather and Environmental Elements

Environmental factors and prevailing weather also determine your visor’s cleanliness. For example, the visor might get dirty from the following:

  • Splashes of muddy water
  • Environmental pollution, such as smog from factories
  • Dirty car exhaust

Considering the above, the riding environment and season determine how fast your visor gets dirty after cleaning. For example, riding in the countryside during the pollen season might affect the visor more than riding in clean environments.

Why You Should Learn How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield

How-to-Clean-a Motorcycle-Helmet Face-Shield

The above is not an exhaustive list of why helmet visors get dirt. However, riding with a dirty visor is not advisable, irrespective of the dirt cause. Below are concrete reasons to clean your helmet visor regularly.

To Improve Your Visibility

Keeping the visor clean will improve your visibility when riding. Smudges on the visor can diffuse light, enhance glare, or block certain road parts. Specifically, a clean helmet:

  • Allows you to spot road hazards
  • Gives you enough reaction time to avoid road dangers
  • Allows you to accurately judge distances

Thus, regular visor cleaning will keep you and other road users safe.

To Enhance Your Comfort

Every rider wants to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, a dirty visor will force you to strain to see the road clearly. The straining will mar your ride experience and increase your fatigue. Regular visor cleaning prevents such issues.

To Prolong the Visor’s Lifespan

In addition to improving your riding experience, cleaning the helmet face shield also contributes to its durability. For example, many face shields have protective film coatings sensitive to certain substances. Cleaning the shield reduces the risk of coating damage from such substances.

Visor Cleaning Supplies and Materials

Gather the right supplies before cleaning your helmet visor. For example, you should have:

  • A visor cleaning compound or mild soap that will not react with the visor or damage its protective coating
  • Clean, preferably lukewarm, water
  • A microfiber towel or soft cloth that won’t scratch the visor
  • A bucket or basin to hold the water
  • A soft-bristled cleaning brush for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • A dedicated cleaning area to lessen the risk of mishaps

You can reuse most of these supplies, like the cleaning brush or microfiber towel.

Steps for Cleaning Helmet Visors

Having the right cleaning supplies isn’t enough; you must also go through the right cleaning procedures. Learning how to clean the inside of a motorcycle helmet visor is especially critical since it collects your sweat and oils. Below is a procedure that works.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Mix a little of the cleaning solution with water. Make it mild since concentrated cleaners are abrasive and can damage the visor.

Remove Large Dirty Particles First

The visor might have large dirt particles if it’s too dirty. In that case, remove the large particles first before cleaning the visor. You can blow off the dirt or brush them off. Otherwise, the particles would scratch the visor.

Wet the Washcloth and Wipe the Visor

Wet the washcloth with the cleaning solution and wipe the visor with it. Make sweeping motions on the visor’s surface for the best experience. Use the soft-bristled brush on hard stains or hard-to-reach crevices.

Rinse the washcloth thoroughly once you have cleaned every surface of the visor. Dip it in clean water (without a cleaning solution) and wipe the face shield again to rinse it.

Allow the Visor to Dry

Lastly, give the visor time to dry before using it again. Otherwise, the remaining moisture will attract dirt, forcing you to clean the shield again.

Precautions to Take While Cleaning Helmet Face Shield

Cleaning your helmet’s face shield is useful, but doing it the wrong way can damage the shield. Take the following precautions to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Be Gentle During Cleaning

Handle the visor gently. For example, use gentle pressure while wiping it with the washcloth. Otherwise, you risk scratching or damaging the shield in other ways. Instead of vigorously scrubbing stubborn stains, let the cleaning solution soak them a bit, and they will be easy to clean.

Use Lukewarm Water

Hot water usually handles stubborn stains better than cold water. However, hot water can warp the visor or damage its protective coating. Use lukewarm water that will remove the stains without damaging the visor.

Avoid Drying With Heat Sources

Watch how you dry the visor, even in a hurry. As hot water, heat sources like space heaters, hair dryers, and clothes dryers can damage the visor. Instead, let the shield air dry or wipe it with a soft cloth.

Clean the Visor Regularly

Don’t let the helmet visor get too dirty before cleaning it. Otherwise, the grime might set in and tempt you into aggressive cleaning. Clean the visor regularly or every time you notice dirt on it, and you won’t have such problems.


Now that you know how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor, ensure it is always clean. Effective cleaning will keep you safe on the road and allow you to enjoy your rides.

Hopefully, you now know how to clean a motorcycle helmet visor. Many helmet manufacturers prescribe specific ways to clean their products. Follow the manufacturer’s advice as closely as you can to keep the visor clean without damaging it.